this method still works all the years hacked premium keys for lustsnap that can be used even without having supplied a valid visa card


login credentials for

Username : Password -> uYJVLKBpPXec:yRJzwSUzViec
Username : Pass -> bgzyZuYUCdXm:NMWASjIXeLNL good to go for thex next 24 hours
Username : Password -> LLhtvISBWvnq:IiPHZjNhRApd
Username : Pass -> hdrglFyPcfqt:pYvGffpCOTNX login valid for maximum 30 days
Username : Password -> DycoDzCAUAnM:jzJQHjsINUoq
Username : Pass -> jbIKPtCCUGsF:GYVCFbnwvbYH
Username : Password -> WxCLRJZmZqqa:wNEffOgdFfVY remaining duration at least for the next 30 days
Username : Pass -> DByvUezaLoYd:BqKqxVBoMqUU

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