ill pass out some free ripped passwords for puretaboo so you wont have a bad conscience at the end of the month


login credentials for

Username : Password -> qREDNPFvWEap:SXxFuKFZLRxC ## sometimes they ask for an additional credit card, skip this
Username : Pass -> aLZLDxoARlxv:RJqpBOBiRjLA
Username : Password -> auhdSTqormCv:noBosIaRkFIl
Username : Pass -> AdWsSanzZyvo:VTZGHlFMgEJl
Username : Password -> qrESjkyUOxzr:BclRPKGLSCHd this password seems not to work with spanish IP
Username : Pass -> SWtkhtQNstyQ:szjQQWOoxSmf
Username : Password -> YEnFkUbcCpfc:GwyAyAUSAqkI
Username : Pass -> egqULjkSIClG:ccZdETOySray
Username : Password -> eIjpBRSMyVPy:YtrNSkfTIGHM
Username : Pass -> NNaAIiZtXRmj:tKYdVCMRxVMt i never thought that i once will have lots of joy with this paysite
Username : Password -> fCApqtcuKTPg:nTJMaltvdLJC 8 gringos were to stupid to kill their cookies before using this password
Username : Pass -> oUWBjTgMcFFf:iBpUlCkhtEEc killed the option for downloading but streaming is still possible
Username : Password -> hPimXISRCJlw:eZANxDMsZCKM

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